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I am a: Man seeking a Woman
Interested In: Adult dating, sex personals
Age: 20
Height: 172.7 ( 5'8”)
Body Type : Slim
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin color:
Speaks languages: Russian
Location: Чапаевск, Samarskaya Oblast
Country: Russia
Education: College
Employment Status: Student and working
Occupation: сисадмин
Religion: Christian Orthodox
Star Sign: Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Relationship Status: Single
Living Situation: Living alone
Has Kids? No
Wants More Kids? Yes
Smokes: No
Drinks: No
First date (preference): Take a walk

ответственный, надежный с чувством юмора

Age: from 18 to 25 . Height: from 160.0 ( 5'3”) to 170.2 ( 5'7”)
Lives: In the same city/town that I do
Has children: no Wants to have (more) children: yes
Smokes: no
Body type:
  slightly overweight

In my words:
девушку, которая не бросит
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